56% of South African women suffer from iron deficiency anaemia.

These women live through everyday life feeling extremely tired. 

They find it hard to complete everyday tasks and feel fragile. 

Headaches and dizziness are just a common occurrence, and shortness of breath causes heightened anxiety. 

These women have found that socialising with friends drains their energy. .Even dealing with the simplest chores around the home are just too much.

The thought of exploring new places doesn’t excite them and exercising for longer than 10 minutes seems impossible. 

After years of tablets, doctors’ appointments and failed tests, women across South Africa struggle to find a cure for their symptoms. 

Without a cure, most of these women have accepted that this is just the way of life. They work around their symptoms but never quite feel as if they’re getting the most out of their life. 

Anaemia is a medical condition that affects women across South Africa.  

Are you one of them? 

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with your friends, and the simplest of tasks have become exhausting to complete?

You can’t quite understand why you feel weak. Or that you have shortness of breath after walking a short distance. 

You’ve wanted an answer for so long. 

Anaemia develops when there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen through your body.

Loss of blood from childbirth or heavy menstrual cycles can cause anaemia. 

Poor diet and certain intestinal diseases can also affect how the body absorbs iron. 

And when left untreated can cause heart failure, severe weakness and poor immunity. 

But you’re not alone. 

56% of South African women suffer from continuous pain and heightened anxiety every day.

It’s time to reclaim your

It’s time to reclaim your strength, your excitement and your life! 

Feel energised

Appear youthful

Strengthen immunity

With iron!

Iron is a mineral substance that oxygenates the blood and affects your energy levels. 

It is the most abundant mineral on Earth. Both animal and plant foods contain iron, but your body can absorb iron from meat better than plant foods.

Iron is an essential part of your red blood cells, which transport oxygen to your lungs, muscles and the rest of your body. Iron is vital to sustain energy levels and support your body daily.

But, throughout life, your iron levels will rise and fall. 

Your age, activity levels, diet and menstrual cycles could all be determining factors for your iron level. 

A healthy, functioning immune system, muscle development and hormone production all depend on getting enough iron from your diet. 

The secret to vitality isn’t far away. 

Are you tired of taking pills and capsules every day? 

They’re hard to swallow, they taste bad, don’t sit right in your stomach, and you’re left feeling worse than before. 

You want to see results and get excellent benefits with an easy solution. 

Take life’s moments back into your own hands and do it with flavour. 

BLUEIRON™ is the fastest-growing liquid iron supplement in Europe and is now available in South Africa. 

Packed with wild, Nordic blueberries, Blueiron not only tastes delicious but it also contains Vitamin C for better absorption of iron, as well as Vitamin B and other nutrients to support your energy levels.  


Liquid iron means that your body can absorb all the best benefits of the supplement, easier and quicker than tablets or capsules. 

With Blueiron, your body absorbs the iron quickly and distributes it around the body. 


Blueiron is fast-acting, gentle on the stomach and changes the game for anaemic individuals. After years of research and development, this product helps you start living life again.  

  • Gentle + easy – can be taken on an empty stomach without affecting your stomach
  • Tolerated well – less gastrointestinal side effects
  • Targeted + effective – your body only takes what it needs
  • Diet-friendly – suitable for vegetarians + vegans
  • Safe – suitable in pregnancy and lactation and doesn’t interact with medications

Normally when taking iron supplements you have to avoid foods like coffee, dairy and chocolate. You also have to take most medicines away from your iron supplement. But Blueiron’s patented formula means that you can still enjoy eating and drinking as normal, without planning your life around taking an iron supplement. 

“Unlike other iron products, Blueiron has a unique delivery system that allows it to be absorbed in the gut, meaning you get no nasty side-effects. That means non-constipating and gentle on tummies!”

Becky O’Haire, verified customer. 


  • Fe3+ iron from algae 
  • Handpicked wild Nordic blueberries 
  • Vitamin C assists with the absorption of iron 
  • Vitamin B12 for energy 
  • Zinc & biotin for skin, hair, nails 
  • Folic acid for the nervous system


Lara Potgieter

Editor at Wellness Magazine

As someone with historically low iron levels, I’ve tried everything from dietary interventions and exorbitantly priced supplements to quarterly iron drips. Post-iron Lara is far more full of larks. I’m happy to report a notable elevation in energy, mood and general joie de vivre after three weeks of daily supplementation of BlueIron.

Talitha Kotze

Mompreneur & Founder of Healthy Kids are Cool

I’m a mom of two kids under 3 and a stepmom to a 7 year old. I’m on the job 24/7 and still breastfeeding my now 10 month old boy. It’s taxing on my body to give so much. I needed extra iron, especially during both pregnancies. I’ve tried a few different kinds. Blue iron passes the most important test: no constipation! And wins the taste test!

Toni McCann

Ultra Trail Runner & Dietician

As an elite female endurance athlete that prefers to follow a plant based diet, iron is incredibly important to sustain energy levels and support my body during training and in daily life. Despite being trained in nutrition and dietetics, I still need to pay close attention to my iron levels. I am happy to report that when taking Blue Iron, I have not once had any negative side effects associated with iron supplement intake. I am confident that in conjunction with my diet, my iron levels are very healthily maintained.

Katarzyna: “Well, after a month or so, the results are in; this has helped my low red blood cells due to heavy menstrual cycles. My doctor says my bloodwork is looking stellar. Great product, great taste, so I highly recommend it!”

Bakermom: “My anaemia was out-of-control. I’m a celiac patient. I noticed almost immediately a huge difference when I started taking Blueiron. I’m absorbing it, and it’s helping tremendously. The fatigue and lack of energy have gotten much better. I took it to my gastroenterologist and showed him what I’ve been taking.”

Janet M Garcia: “Seems gentle to my stomach, and I like that Vitamin C is included for easy absorption.”

Judy B: “This product is awesome! Tastes good, and you can see results in the way of more energy/less fatigue in just a couple of days. I would highly recommend it for senior citizens!”

Every dose is flavoured with delicious, wild, Nordic blueberries. 

Blueiron contains Vitamin C for enhanced iron absorption. Vitamin B12 to boost natural energy. Zinc and Biotin for great skin and hair, plus Folic Acid for a healthy nervous system.

What is the recommended dosage?  

  • AGE 3 – 6 YEARS 2,5ml
  • AGE 7 – 10 YEARS 5ml
  • AGE 11 – 99+ YEARS 10ml

Live life with a positive attitude and feel fulfilled every day.