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Imagine yourself in front of the mirror a few weeks from now…

Looking and feeling your best

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Thick, strong and shiny hair

Your own nails long and strong

If you’ve started to notice small wrinkles appear…

Perhaps you struggle with thin hair, sallow skin and brittle nails? You may not be getting enough collagen and collagen promoting nutrients in your diet. 

More than maintaining supple, plump and youthful skin, collagen is also important to ensure glowing health from inside. 

While supplementing with a premium collagen product like Drasanvi Collmar Beauty can help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, there are also excellent benefits for gut health, since collagen contains amino acids glycine, glutamine and proline.These amino acids are essential to rebuild and improve the integrity of the gut lining throughout the digestive tract.

I like Collmar! I will order more, because in comparison with other brands, this is a real winner! I noticed the effects as soon as the second month after starting to take it! My skin is smoother, I look well rested.

Elena, Russia

In winter, I really struggle with flaky skin. My skin is less flaky now.

Nice flavour, and it’s sugar free. I am more than satisfied and would recommend this product.

Ekaterina A, Russia

A very good collagen supplement which showed results in two weeks.

My skin has improved. But it is a good idea to combine this with Omega fatty acids.

Alena, Russia

So you’ve tried collagen before, but the results were disappointing…

For the best results, collagen should be taken with vitamin C for better absorption. Drasanvi Collmar Beauty combines the most important natural ingredients to rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails. Normally you would need an entire shelf full of different  supplements (a handful of tablets daily) to get all these nutrients. Drasanvi Collmar Beauty includes all these essentials:

  • Borage oil – dietary source of GLA (gamma linoleic acid) reduce inflammation tighten skin
  • Pomegranate – antioxidant polyphenols which reduce cellular damage
  • Evening primrose oil – healthy fatty acids which are key to maintaining skin health – elasticity, moisture and firmness and natural source of GLA
  • Vitamin C – the most important nutrient to improve collagen absorption and collagen synthesis
  • Biotin – stimulate follicle growth by boosting keratin production

Why Drasanvi Collmar Marine Collagen?

  • Certified Gluten-free / sin-free
  • Rigorous quality control – free from environmental contaminants like heavy metals
  • Highly absorbable marine collagen, proven by assimilation studies.
  • Plant source vitamin C from acerola
  • Non-animal source hyaluronic acid obtained through fermentation
  • Manufactured in Spain to the highest EU standards

Rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails with Collmar Beauty.

All the things you’ve wanted to know about collagen, but didn’t want to ask out loud:

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein. It is common throughout the body. In fact the most common and important structural protein, especially in cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones and skin. It is also found in blood vessels, the gut lining and eyes.

Why do I need to supplement collagen?

While your body does produce collagen, after your teenage years, production steadily decreases by about 1% per year. The most obvious visible sign of weakening of structural collagen is the formation of wrinkles in the skin. As skin also steadily thins, and other structures reliant on collagen, like tendons, ligaments and cartilage also lose some of their integrity. 

A good dietary source of collagen, in particular hydrolyzed collagen, has been shown to benefit all these vulnerable parts of your body. In fact clinical studies show that continual ingestion (of hydrolyzed collagen) helps to reduce and prevent skin aging, bone density and joint pain.

“These results as well as its high level of tolerance and safety make hydrolyzed collagen ingestion attractive for a long-term use in bone and joint degenerative diseases and in fight against skin ageing.”

– Teresa Figueres Juher & Esther Basés Pérez

What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Collagen peptides are made through hydrolysis. Hydrolyzed collagen simply means that the protein has been broken down to smaller bits. This process involves severing the bonds of the long collagen molecule to produce shorter and ‘lighter’ collagen peptides. TThese collagen peptide molecules are also referred to as ‘bio-active’.  Thanks to their low molecular weight and small size, these ‘bio-active molecules are easily absorbed since the body does not need to break the protein down to allow it to be absorbed.

Collagen hydrolysis can be done chemically or through the use of enzymes. Enzymatic hydrolysis is a more reliable process, which yields consistent peptides. Drasanvi Collmar uses only enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen.

Why marine collagen?

  • Collmar Hydrolyzed marine collagen has a lower molecular weight than other sources of collagen. This is when less is more: since the ‘lighter’ molecules improve absorption, you can take a smaller dose, and get the most for every rand invested in a premium quality collagen supplement.
  • Collmar Hydrolyzed marine collagen is highly sustainable. Since it comes from sustainably farmed fish, it does not come from unsustainable sources like factory farmed chicken or feedlot cattle hides. Our marine collagen also does not deplete fish stocks from over-fished species.

For how long should I take collagen?

Clinical research shows that it is ideal to supplement collagen for at least 3 months to get maximum benefits.

The research (citation) also showed that participants who received the collagen supplement were less and less reliant on other medications (like pain killers) to relieve discomfort.

Remember that as you get older, your body produces less and less collagen on its own. It is recommended to make a good collagen supplement part of your regular supplementation regime. Especially during periods of intense training or recovery from injury.

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Highly assimilable:

Enzymatic hydrolysis is the process that breaks down the collagen used to make Collmar. The small particles are easily absorbed. Scientific research has shown that up to 96% of the collagen per dose is absorbed and can be transported to the skin, ligaments and bones. Collmar also contains Vitamin C – an important co-factor to help your body put ingested collagen to good use.

Convenient to use:

Drop 10g into your water. Easily dissolved and supports hydration during the day.

Easy on the taste buds:

Drasanvi Collmar Beauty is flavoured with natural pomegranate. While some collagen supplements may have harsh taste or unpleasant odours, this is not the case with marine collagen. 

Premium European Quality:

Drasanvi is a leading Spanish company in the food sector supplements and natural cosmetics with more than 25 years of experience and global distribution to over 12 countries, including South Africa.

Rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails with Collmar Beauty…