Give your baby the best start with Omega-3's

Why Omega-3?

As you go through pregnancy, everything you eat and drink impacts your baby’s health, which is why having the right prenatal supplement will give your baby the nutrients it needs for a healthy start.

Expectant mothers must ensure they get enough DHA (short for “docosahexaenoic acid”) in their diets. During pregnancy, women need at least 200 milligrams daily of this powerful omega-3 fatty acid to support the development of the baby’s brain, eyes, and nervous system.

But research shows that most moms-to-be are severely deficient in this essential nutrient. Women are only getting around 60 mg/day, and just 1 in 14 takes a DHA supplement.

Why is DHA Essential for Pregnancy?

If you supplement with Omega-3 during breastfeeding, your baby will receive DHA and other vital nutrients directly from your breastmilk.

DHA from Omega-3 fatty acids before and during pregnancy is essential to help your baby’s brain, eyes, and nervous system to develop to its total capacity.

Benefits of Taking Omega-3's During Pregnancy May Include

Boost your baby’s brain even before birth!

Where Can I Get Omega-3's From?

Eggs and chicken contain small amounts of DHA. And although some plant foods (such as walnuts, flaxseed, canola oil, and soybeans) are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, they contain ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) but not DHA. The body can convert ALA into DHA, but only in minimal amounts.

Can't I Simply Eat Fish?

Fish that feed on smaller fish accumulate large quantities of ocean-borne toxins like mercury and Bisphenol-A. They are also more exposed to endocrine-disrupting microplastics. Harmful chemicals like these have been found in umbilical cord blood and placental blood.

These dangerous toxins are present in both farmed fish and wild fish populations. 

Further, wild fish populations have also decreased to an alarming point as they have been exploited beyond sustainable levels.

Is Cod Oil Safe for Me and Baby During Pregnancy?

Keep in mind that while cod liver oil is a good source of DHA, you need to avoid it during pregnancy. That’s because cod liver oil contains a type of vitamin A that can cause congenital disabilities, especially when consumed during the first trimester.

Meet the World's Most Sustainable "Plant" With Brain-Boosting Benefits

As a source of Omega-3, algae it is especially rich in DHA. Taken before and during pregnancy as well as during lactation, it provides you with a healthy dose of the right type of Omega-3s – at the most crucial time during your baby’s development.

You Need To Take Alvega-3 During Your Pregnancy

Alvega-3 is made from micro-algae which is a sustainable, GMO free source of Omega-3s. Since algae is neither a plant nor an animal, it is a vegan-friendly alternative to fish and krill. What’s more, there’s no fishy taste!

Potent and Pure

We source only the best form of prenatal nutrients for your body and your baby.

The high DHA content in Alvega-3 is obtained through a two-part vacuum and distillation process. This means no harsh or dangerous chemicals like hexane are used during extraction and purification. 

Alvega-3 capsules contain vegan-friendly, non-GMO, high quality, purified DHA Omega-3 oil. It is kept fresh by a dual layer anti-oxidant complex of tocopherol and rosemary extract.  

Thus, we can confidently guarantee the quality and purity of this GMO-free supplement.

Alvega-3 is Perfect When:

Alvega-3 is 100% Free From:

Supplement Facts

Docosahexaenoic acid 265mg

n-6 Docosapentaenoic acid 50mg

Eicosapentaenoic acid 5mg

Other fatty acids 155mg

Antioxidant preservative combination (ascorbyl palmitate, rosemary extract, tocopherols)

Frequently Asked Questions

During the third trimester and while breastfeeding are the most critical times to ensure that you are taking in enough Omega-3 fatty acids (in particular DHA) to aid your child’s brain and eye development.

Omega-3 supplementation can be beneficial if started prior to conception (for both partners – it is even regarded as beneficial for healthy sperm production and motility).

Some sources suggest that it may be best to take Omega-3 supplements at night. This may be useful for people who seek anti-inflammatory benefits, since aches and pains are more common in the morning. The science behind this strategy is inconclusive.

There is no right or wrong time to take omega-3’s. Our advice is to try and find what works well for your needs, and what fits into your routine. More important than the time of day, is that you take your Omega-3 supplement regularly.

We always recommend that supplements, Alvega-3 in this case, be taken with food.

Alvega-3 is extracted from a coastal marine algae called Schizochytrium.

We use algae as the source because it is the true source of Omega-3. Neither krill nor fish produce Omega-3 oils. They too get it from their diet, just like humans need to get it from what they eat. Fish stocks all over the world are under great pressure. Krill is a keystone species for penguins and whales. That is why we choose not to use either of those to make our Omega-3 supplement, but go to the true source.

As such Schizochytrium is the most sustainable source at our disposal.

It is true. Omega 3 is a fat. Just like butter, your Omega 3 supplement can go rancid easily. For optimal health benefits Alvega-3 includes a Vitamin E and rosemary extract antioxidant complex to keep it fresh. Many cheap fish oil products are not stable and may end up doing even more harm than good.

It is sensible to be concerned about mercury and endocrine disrupting pollution from plastic waste in the ocean, especially during pregnancy. Fish and krill accumulate water borne heavy metals and plastic or petroleum derived toxins just like they accumulate fatty acids. Schizochytrium algae used in Alvega-3 capsules is a coastal marine alga renowned not to absorb toxins. Alvega-3 is free of contaminants like PCB and mercury.

Give Your Baby the Best

Good for you. Good for the Environment.

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