Give your brain the boost it deserves

Flora Force Alvega-3 is a sustainable, vegan-friendly Omega-3 alternative to fish and krill with no fishy taste. 

Better for the environment and safer for you!

Do You Often Feel Frustrated That Your Memory Seems To Be Letting You Down?

Perhaps you walk into a room and wonder what you were going to do there. 

You have to fetch your grandchildren from school and hurriedly have to search all over the house for your car keys that suddenly are not where you thought you left them. 

While looking through old photographs you just cannot recall that old school friend’s name.  

Or everyone’s favourite…  you return from the supermarket with everything except with that one really important thing you actually wanted to buy.

As you age, your cognitive ability starts to decline, and it can become harder to remember simple tasks and memories.

Aging is beautiful. The accumulated experience and wisdom are irreplaceable. That is why it is essential to look after your brain health as much as you would your skin or hair, as you get older.

You can support your brain health as you get older, with an omega-3 fatty acid called DHA.

So What is DHA

DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid is an essential nutrient that you can only get from your diet – your body cannot manufacture it. It is a primary structural component of the nerve tissue, including your brain and eyes.

Why Is DHA Vital For Brain Health?

Similar to how your body needs calcium for strong bones, it needs DHA for a strong central  nervous system.

“There is preliminary evidence that DHA may ameliorate cognitive decline and affect behavioural symptoms in major neuropsychiatric disorders such as dementia, schizophrenia and depression.” – Lauritzen et al.

It has been shown to improve memory and cognitive function in adults and also to potentially help for many age associated conditions.

“97% of the omega-3 found in your brain is in the form of DHA: Vital for brain function and the reduction of brain inflammation and premature aging.”

Why is DHA Vital for Eye Health?

DHA also helps support eye health and has been used as a natural treatment for macular degeneration. 

DHA is the most essential structural & functional Omega-3 for the neural membranes of the retina, where it forms part of the structure of the rods and cones. The metabolic oxidation of DHA in the eye is part of the signalling system that translates vision from the eye to the brain.

Give your brain and eyes the boost they need!

Why is DHA Important in Your Diet?

Your body can’t synthesize DHA, you must get it from your diet. Hence it is called an essential fatty acid. 

It mainly occurs in seafood such as oily fish and shellfish. If your diet lacks these foods you may be one the over 70% of people who don’t get enough DHA in their diet and who may benefit from supplementing it. 

DHA supplements can come from several sources… 

Krill Oil

Is krill a sustainable source for DHA?

Krill has recently become a popular source of omega-3 oils. However, krill is a keystone species. This means it is critically important in the arctic food chain, which is already under pressure from other ecological factors. Disrupting the food chain by removing krill threatens the survival of several endangered marine species like penguins and whales.

Fish Oil

How about larger fish like cod and salmon?

Fish that feed on smaller fish accumulate large quantities of ocean-borne toxins like mercury and Bisphenol-A. They are also more exposed to endocrine-disrupting microplastics. Not only do these fish contain toxins that are dangerous to humans due to fish farming, but these fish populations have also decreased to an alarming point as they have been exploited beyond sustainable levels.

So if I can't get enough DHA from fish, where can I get it from?

From algae!

Similar to how your body cannot manufacture Omega-3 oils, fish can not make it either.

Algae are actually the original source of DHA. Algae produce omega-3 oils and form part of the diet of krill and small fish. Omega-3 oil is thus bio-accumulated from the bottom of the fish food chain, to the large fish from which the oils are extracted for human consumption.

Unlike fish and krill, algae can be grown and sustainably harvested continually, all year round, without a detrimental environmental impact .

Algal oil is also the most concentrated source of the specific Omega-3 fatty acid called DHA.

One kilogram of algae yields 300% more omega-3 oil than 1kg of fish.

Say hello to Alvega-3, the essential building block to a healthy brain

Alvega-3 is derived from an abundant coastal alga called Schizochytrium.

Potent and Pure

This species of algae is renowned not to absorb pollutants or heavy metals.

The high DHA content in Alvega-3 is obtained through a two-part vacuum and distillation process. This means no harsh or dangerous chemicals like hexane are used during extraction and purification.

Thus, we can confidently guarantee the quality and purity of this GMO-free supplement.

Alvega-3 capsules contain vegan-friendly, non-GMO, high quality, purified DHA Omega-3 oil. It is kept fresh by a dual layer anti-oxidant complex of tocopherol and rosemary extract.

Alvega-3 is 100% Free From:

Supplement Facts

Docosahexaenoic acid 265mg

n-6 Docosapentaenoic acid 50mg

Eicosapentaenoic acid 5mg

Other fatty acids 155mg

Antioxidant preservative combination (ascorbyl palmitate, rosemary extract, tocopherols)

Frequently Asked Questions

Some sources suggest that it may be best to take Omega-3 supplements at night. This may be useful for people who seek anti-inflammatory benefits, since aches and pains are more common in the morning. The science behind this strategy is inconclusive.

There is no right or wrong time to take omega-3’s. Our advice is to try and find what works well for your needs, and what fits into your routine. More important than the time of day, is that you take your Omega-3 supplement regularly.

Alvega-3 is formulated and intended for daily use. Certain types of Omega-3, in particular DHA, is used in neural processes like vision or eyesight. Also, the transmission of signals between neurons in the brain. This means you need to regularly ‘top up’ your supply of Omega-3 from your diet to maintain and optimise these processes and signals.

We always recommend that supplements, Alvega-3 in this case, be taken with food.

Alvega-3 is extracted from a coastal marine algae called Schizochytrium.

We use algae as the source because it is the true source of Omega-3. Neither krill nor fish produce Omega-3 oils. They too get it from their diet, just like humans need to get it from what they eat. Fish stocks all over the world are under great pressure. Krill is a keystone species for penguins and whales. That is why we choose not to use either of those to make our Omega-3 supplement, but go to the true source.

As such Schizochytrium is the most sustainable source at our disposal.

It is true. Omega 3 is a fat. Just like butter, your Omega 3 supplement can go rancid easily. For optimal health benefits Alvega-3 includes a Vitamin E and rosemary extract antioxidant complex to keep it fresh. 

Give your brain the boost it deserves with Alvega-3

Alvega-3 is a sustainable, vegan-friendly alternative to fish and krill with no fishy taste. 

Better for the environment and safer for you!

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