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Now available in bulk sizes up to 25 Litres.

FLORA FRESH® Hand and Surface Spray Refill with tea tree and pine essential oils, contains 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol for neutralising germs.

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Flora Force’s Flora Fresh Hand and Surface Spray Refill contains 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol for neutralising germs. Lightly fragranced with Tea Tree and Pine essential oils for a perfectly fresh and clean scent.

Keep your small sanitiser spray bottles topped-up and ready to conveniently clean your hands any time.

Product Features

  • Great for sanatising and disinfecting hands and surfaces
  • May be used for refilling smaller sanitiser or disinfectant bottles
  • Bulk sizes ideal for use in offices and schools
  • 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol
  • Clear colour
  • Refreshing tea tree and pine smell
  • Ideal for personal hygiene in the workplace


  • 500ml bottle
  • 5L bottle
  • 25L jerry bottle

Our big 5L and 25L bottles are ideal for your bulk hygiene needs. Clean and sanitise frequently touched surfaces such as desks, door handles, bathroom and kitchen counters etc. at home, schools and offices.

NOTE: Hand and Surface Spray Refill is a liquid sanitiser refill bottle only. Does not include a spray nozzle.

Additional information


500ml, 5L, 25L

Denatured ethanol 70%, Glycerine BP, Deionised water, Pine and tea tree essential oils.

HANDS: Spray liberally onto your palms. Rub your hands together gently until dry, making sure to include all surfaces on both hands, fingers and nails.
SURFACES: Spray onto desired surface and allow to dry, or disperse with a clean cloth.

Help your kids to keep their hands clean and practice proper hygiene by always supervising their use of alcohol based sanitiser spray.

Avoid open flames.
Keep out of reach of children
Do not ingest. Poisonous if consumed.
If swallowed, induce vomiting.