• Eco-friendly panty liners for light flow days,
  • Plastic-free,
  • Soft,
  • comfortable & breathable

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ANNA Pure Organic Pads and Liners are the high-end natural, environmentally friendly alternative to mainstream, plastic-based sanitary products. The range aptly associates the ‘organic flow of nature’ with the reality of women’s sanitary needs. A cohesive, global consciousness about disposable, single-use plastic products’ impact on the environment is becoming more evident. Plastic free products are starting to take the frontline on the shelves of responsible retailers.

ANNA is South Africa’s first locally manufactured organic product taking the lead in the environmental mind shift that is impacting the way we approach conventional female hygiene. The price point makes it an achievable and real alternative to plastic products.

Women are consistently more conscious about their physical wellness, increasingly opting for more natural products and dismissing those considered to be harmful.

ANNA celebrates and cares for the beauty of the female body. It gives women ownership of their physical wellbeing while giving them the choice to contribute to the health of the environment.

Top sheet:

Pure natural raw cotton

Absorbent core:

Sustainably sourced plant fibres from FSC certified forests


Compostable, certified biodegradable Cardia plant-based biopolymer

ANNA panty liners are single-use, disposable pads made with sustainable materials.