Our daily tonic medicine, we formulated this extract in recognition of the entourage effect whereby the medicinal benefits of each mushroom enhance the others. Using some more obscure fungi this tonic aids in:

regulating and boosting immune functioning
protects the organs and restores tissue cells
Improves brain health

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For years pharmaceutical medicines have pushed isolated extracts of individual compounds – however modern research has shown that the biological effect of a whole mushroom extract was shown to have preferred activity over treatment with a single purified molecule. The enhancement of activity detected in phytomedicines was designated as the “entourage” effect. This effect verified that several compounds within a single mushroom have a higher activity when they are combined and not isolated – this same concept is extrapolated out when combining mushrooms – the overall health promoting abilities of fungi is drastically increased when combining 2 or more medicines in the correct dosage

This Mighty mushroom blend contains well known mushrooms as well as some exotic fungi currently not sold in South Africa – the dosages have been expertly selected to provide radiant wellbeing

MESHIMA – Phellinus spp. antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, cancers, liver
ARTIST CONK – g. applanatum anti-tumour, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, cardiovascular
CINNIBAR-pycnoporussanguineus antibacterial, immuneboosting, decongestant, antiviral
HOELEN-wolfiporiaextensa cancer, immuneboosting, anti-inflammatory, diabetes
SPLIT GILL – schizophyllum commune cancers, tumours, adjunct treatment, immunomodulatory
SNOWFUNGUS-tremellafuciformis skinhydration, promote nerve growth, support brain health
MAITAKE-grifolafrondosa immunebooster,stress,diabetes,cardiovascularhealth,anti-inflammatory,nutritious
ROYAL SUN – agaricus blazei cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, liver disease, digestive problems, ulcers
SHIITAKE – lentinula edodes cancer, cardiovascular health, immune booster, circulation, nutritious
BAMBOO FUNGUS – phallus indusiatus inflammation, neurological health, stomach health, nutritious

MESHIMA – Phellinus spp., ARTIST CONK – g. applanatum, CINNIBAR-pycnoporussanguineus, HOELEN-wolfiporiaextensa, SPLIT GILL – schizophyllum commune, SNOWFUNGUS-tremellafuciformis, MAITAKE-grifolafrondosa, ROYAL SUN – agaricus blazei, SHIITAKE – lentinula edodes, BAMBOO FUNGUS – phallus indusiatus,

3000mg each

Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol

1-3 x 10 drops daily (maintenance is once daily, acute cases three times daily)


Best to take morning, midday, mid afternoon

*Could be quite invigorating person depending due to entourage effect

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