Naturally flavoured with organic ingredients, this is the latest offering from Theonista, combining green rooibos, lemon juice and baobab to create a guilt-free soft drink without artificial flavours or sugar.

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  • Natural flavour from organic ingredients
  • Sugar & preservative free
  • Great mixer

Theonista known for pioneering kombucha commercially in South Africa. For all of their products, the combination of high quality ingredients and expert fermentation and/or brewing methods translates into a difference you can truly taste. They are deeply dedicated to small batch methods and unique craftsmanship. This includes carefully controlled methods that allow them to create balance organically and therefore we don’t have to dilute our products nor rely on excessive amounts of unfermented sugar or other sweeteners.

Carbonated Water, Green Rooibos Tea (Green Rooibos, Water), Lemon Juice, Xylitol, Organic Baobab, Spices, Stevia.