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Internationally certified compostable with BPI in the U.S.A and is FDA and EU food contact accredited. This roll of cling wrap is 305mm wide, 30 metres long with perforation for easy tearing every 300mm and is 10 microns thick. It is freezer safe, microwave safe and contains no additives, chlorine, BPA or heavy metals. The cling wrap is made from natural products which includes corn starch, PLA and PBAT. This cling wrap will decompose back to natural elements such as CO2, water and biomass. It does not become the toxic micro / nano plastics that conventional cling wrap degrades to (conventional plastic cling wrap cannot be recycled, where as compostable cling wrap can be). If you recycle, please dispose of the cling wrap in the organic waste stream (food, garden cuttings etc).


Carefully peel off roll and tear at perforation intervals when you have the required amount

Store in a dry, cool and dark environment for best preservation, avoid direct sunlight, excessive heat and moisture / humidity.

Keep away from children and animals to prevent the possibility of suffocation and/or choking. Do not consume.