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Internationally certified Home Compostable 30-32L pedal bin / tall kitchen bin refuse bags with the Australasian Bioplastics Association and certified compostable with BPI and DIN CERTCO Institutions. These bags are ideal bin liners / bags for collecting rubbish for 30-32 litre pedal bins and tall kitchen bins that you may have. Bag size is 610mm (w) and 810mm (h) and 22 microns thick. Each bag is gathered at the bottom for extra carrying strength. There are 15 bags on a roll which are separated from each other with a perforation join. Bags are made from natural products which includes corn starch, PLA and PBAT. These bags decompose back to natural elements such as CO2, water and biomass. They do not become the toxic micro / nano plastics that conventional plastic bags become and if you recycle (conventional plastic refuse bags cannot be recycled, where as compostable bags can be), please dispose Bonnie Bio home compostable bags in the organic waste stream (food, garden cuttings etc)

PLA, PBAT, Corn Starch

Unroll bags from roll and tear off at perforation to get 1 bag.

Store in a dry, cool and dark environment for best preservation, avoid direct sunlight, excessive heat and moisture / humidity.

Keep away from children and animals to prevent the possibility of suffocation and/or choking. Do not consume.